Our charity help those people who have no hope. A voice for the voiceless

Ready Children for educational life

Our programs ensure that young children survive and thrive – physically and emotionally – and ready them for academic life.

$ 25,000 / $ 50,000

Financial Services

We help educate young people in local communities about finances from savings, insurance, credit and payments systems. Our goal is to ensure locals get the necessary skills they need for a successful financial life.

$ 45,000 / $ 90,000

Youth Employment

Our programs give youths the skills and opportunities they need to find jobs or build businesses. A successful transition to adulthood depends on a successful skills acquired.

$ 35,000 / $ 70,000


You've discovered an Amazing Life Changing Services That Empowers Humanity! Start your journey today and be of help to someone in your community. You are also empowered in the process.


Join a local community near you and help in accomplishing charitable causes. This can be achieved by setting aside a little percentage of your wage for the good of local communities.


Fund raising is the way to go for social commitments of cash and assets from peoples, organizations, establishments, or legislative offices for the ultimate goal of providing aid to the poor. You can help organize a fund raising event in a community near you.


Volunteering is when individuals commit their time and resources to support our causes in a local community near you, for the ultimate goal of assisting in managing our charitable causes in local communities around the world. Join us today.

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We create events aimed towards providing support for the elderly, children, the vulnerable and the sick. This events help us to raise fund for urgent projects.
Please update with our events and confirm if you will be available.

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Serena sanion

Vice President

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Asian Regional Affairs

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African Regional Affairs

Community helps

Home of Prosperity is the best thing that has happened to my family. My Name is Kelvin, and since I joined Home of Prosperity, I have been receiving monthly products from HOP for my family use. Its amazing. HOP is rocks!

Kelvin Irabor
Benin City, Nigeria

I am Okechukwu Udoka, I live towards the end of Ziks Avenue, near GT Bank. I am a student. I have joined many empowerment programs until I was introduced me to HOP. Ever since joining, my house rent that used to be a problem for me has been completely paid by HOP. Thank You HOP.

Okechukwu Udoka
Anambra State, Nigeria

My name is Jikel YomaI. Home of prosperity has helped my family out of perpetual poverty. They helped provide my much needed sewing machine which was highly non-affordable by my family in Mabala province in Tanzania. The machine now provide us with source of income for my children education. God bless Home of Prosperity.

Mabala, Tanzania


Our events are aimed towards creating awareness for vulnerable children and families. Support an event near you today.
Please keep an update with our events

Adoption Obstacles

We envision a future where children will no longer be without the love and security a lovely family. Adoption is not simply a series of unconnected stories, but is a project that can change the lives of hundreds of local children all over the world. Please help adopt the training and care of a child today.

Unlock Powerful Potential

Women and girls in the developing world are hit hardest by poverty. We deliver the knowledge and support they need to forge new opportunities. One in three women worldwide have suffered violence in one form or the other.


In the last 24 hours, more than 249 persons especially women and children are trafficked out of their homes and communities. Home of Prosperity support in securing the safety of trafficked peoples. If you or someone you know is been trafficked out of your home or community, Please call human trafficking hotline now at 1-888-373-7888 or send a text to 233733. Together, we can make the world a better place.