Compensention Plan For You

How the Income Model works

Home of Prosperity is greatly championing the upliftment and empowerment of the less privileged friends and families in our communities through its charity programmes and projects. We have become a source of succor to the down-trodden and those who have lost hope in life. Home of Prosperity is also currently subsidizing family-focused household products on a monthly basis to local families in Africa, Asia and North America. Our platform extends its engagement to child education, elderly retirement aid fund, widow packets, orphanage support fund, acquired skill tools fund, and community volunteer works in India, Tanzania and several other local communities around the world.

Our donor agencies, membership support fund and our trust investments provide us with financial and volunteer support for the charity programmes we run. Reach out to us for consideration if you or someone you know desperately needs help. For maltreated children or child trafficking, reach to hotline on child trafficking. For financial compensation, business expansion or retirement fund, enroll into our compensation plan with a one-time only $12 membership donation. When you make a membership donation, you automatically join hands with other charitable men and women who support our goal and projects. Your membership ID presents you with the rare privilege of enjoying Home of Prosperity compensation plan for donor partners. You stand the opportunity to receive at maturity the sum of $85,000 US dollars in cash as retirement fund, a brand new car, one Home of Prosperity prototype retirement house worth $20,000, and a $250 monthly salary for five years.
We have created a generous compensation plan for our donors/members who wish to extend our charity projects to their local communities. If you love the way we are reaching out to the poor in many fronts, and would love to invite other philanthropists to support our cause, the compensation plan is designed for you to compensate you for your effort. It is designed to also empower you, as you join the empowerment of the poor. Congratulations.

Compensation Plan Diagram:

Listing of your compensation tags and levels:

Student Level - Level 1
Associate level - Level 2
Masters Level - Level 3
Bronze Level - Level 4
Silver Level - Level 5
Gold Level - Level 6
Platinum Level - Level 7

There are now 7 compensation stages from lowest level called student level (Level 1) to the highest level called Platinum level (level 7). Your compensation increases when you complete one level of charity to the next, until you get to the Platinum level where you earn a total sum $120,000. The sum is distributed viz: A Retirement cash prize of $85,000, a retirement and beautiful built Home-of-Prosperity house worth $20,000, plus a retirement monthly salary of $250 US dollars every month for five years, and a brand new retirement car all for you.

Number of Stages

Joining amount is:
$24 only (One-time payment only)
The below is the associated compensation plan for each level accomplished. It is the most generous charity plan for members who engage in our charitable works or support the invitation of other local donors in their communities.
Compensation Structure

Note: You also get downline bonus of $6.0 for every direct downline everytime.